THE PODCAST FOR THE prepared citizen

This podcast, launched April 2022, has a wide variety of topics discussed in a campfire conversation style covering things such as fatherhood, preparedness, training in multiple aspects, small business ownership and more. There are often Q&A’s where the hosts answer questions submitted by listeners, and other times guests are brought in to talk about their specialized fields.

Host: Elijah, Owner of Operational Industries LLC

Co-Host: Ben, Owner of Havok Holsters LLC



Because this podcast is fueled by the passion behind the mission from both of the hosts and the guests they have on, the best way to support this podcast is by simply sharing the episodes that you feel helped you or resonated with you with your friends.

That said, if you would like to rep the show to help spread the word or support in a different way that will help expand the show and provide a better listening experience, there is merchandise for sale below. 

We hope you enjoy and can benefit from listening, and we appreciate your support.

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