Advanced Defensive Pistol


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Advanced Defensive Pistol is a course meticulously designed to enhance your capabilities in responding and reacting to potential threats, whether they are directed at you or others.

Unlike our beginner courses, which primarily focus on static positions and fundamental skills, this class takes you far beyond that. Advanced Defensive Pistol is specifically crafted to propel your shooting skills to an advanced level.

Throughout this course, you will not only engage in extensive shooting exercises but also engage in dynamic movements. You will be challenged to shoot from unconventional positions, maneuver around barriers, all while experiencing increased stress levels due to timed scenarios.

As the saying goes, “Gun fights are measured in millimeters and milliseconds,” and we couldn’t agree more. This course will sharpen your skills and elevate your competence to the next level.

Topics covered:
– Firearms safety and safe gun-handling procedures.
– Principals of personal defense.
– Advanced pistol methodology and concepts.
– Conditioning mental focus and combat mindset.
– Presentation from ready pistol and holster.
– Moving off the line of force and lateral displacement.
– Threat assessment and area scanning.
– Dominating the weapon, threat, and visual areas.
– Ammunition management and reloading techniques.
– Malfunction clearance drills.
– Engaging multiple threats.
– Drugged assailant and body armor defeating drills.
– Use of the flash sight picture vs. perfect sight alignment.
– Introduction to tactical speed shooting.
– Plus stress courses and more

Required Equipment:
– 300 rounds for pistol (more than likely will not use it all, but be prepared to)
– Pistol
– Eye protection
– Electronic hearing protection preferred (to hear instruction while on the firing line)
– Extra batteries for hearing protection and optic(s)
– 3+ Magazines
– Gun belt
– Note taking material (optional)

Educator: Elijah Darmody
Elijah, Founder and CEO of Operational Industries LLC, as well as a USCCA certified firearms instructor, is deeply committed to advancing his expertise in preparedness and tactical strategies. Continuously updating his skills, Elijah stays current with certifications in Stop the Bleed, Tactical Medicine, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), while also maintaining CPR/AED/BLS credentials and actively obtaining his NR-EMT. Having completed every course offered by his company over the last few years, complemented by several years of practical experience; Elijah’s dedication to ongoing training, including regular monthly sessions and frequent self-directed practice plus maintaining top of the leaderboards in competitive shooting, ensures his skills consistently evolve, setting him apart as a leader in his field.

Class will run for approx. 6 hours with a short break for lunch. 

**Non-refundable within 2 weeks of class date – all items ordered with this class will be brought to the class if within 10 days of the class date & shipping refunded**

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May 4th, 2024