Conceal Carry Considerations


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**Precise location, liability waiver and class information will be immediately downloadable after purchase, as soon as you complete the registration the next page will have a link to download the “EVENT INFO”. Every enrollment must be a separate purchase with the class attendees information.**

Educator: Elijah Darmody

**THIS IS NOT A CONCEAL CARRY CERTIFICATION** It is the much needed and over-looked prerequisite to the conceal carry certification and will set you up to be more prepared and ready for getting your license.

This class is for the most beginner pistol shooter, or those who have never even held a firearm and will be broken up into 2 sections of the day – classroom and range. Our goal for this class is to take the novice shooter to a comfortable level of understanding and respecting carrying a pistol on your body and knowing what to consider when making the choice to do so.

**Students will need to supply their own ammo, ear pro and eye pro for the class – ammo needed is approx. 100 rounds – bring more if you want to shoot more.

We will have a handful of common conceal carry pistols to use for the class (please email prior to enrolling if you will need to borrow a pistol for the range portion) – we highly recommend bringing your own pistol if you already have one. What you own, is what you should train with.

Class Portion:
– Firearm safety rules
– Considerations for conceal carrying
– Safe ways to conceal carry
– Proper holstering and carry positions
– Spatial awareness – things to look out for
– “Coopers Color Code” – stages of awareness

Range Portion:
– Cycle of Function – mechanics and operation
– Loading and unloading
– Shooting fundamentals (sight alignment, proper grip, etc)
– Clearing, and correcting malfunctions
– Drills and methods to continue your training beyond this class
– Plus more

Class will run for approx. 6 hours with a short break for lunch. 

**Non-refundable within 2 weeks of class date – all items ordered with this class will be brought to the class if within 10 days of the class date & shipping refunded**