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Feel like giving extra to families in need this holiday season? This is the best way we have found to do it! No third party taking extra on top, you get to donate to families, AND still get a sick new t-shirt!

Every dollar above the minimum will go towards feeding families for Thanksgiving and adopting families for Christmas.

Backstory: We (the Owners of Operational Industries) had many Christmas’ and Thanksgivings’ that relied on community events, donations, and the help of others to make happen. Those were some of the best holidays we had, there was just something special about knowing so many people came together just to ensure us and many other kids got a “traditional” holiday. It made the whole experience so incredible, and gave us some of the best memories we have as kids. Well now we have made it our goal to help more and more families every year have the same experiences we did. With this product, you’ll get a shirt no matter what you put in that price box, but every dollar above $19 is going straight to other families. We want to adopt at least 5 families per holiday this year, and with your help, we could do just that. We appreciate every last one of you!

Update 11/18/22 17:04:
Donations collected for Thanksgiving: $258.80
2 Families selected for Thanksgiving dinner (one 4 person, one 9 person)
Donations will continue until Dec. 16th – which will be used to supply gifts for kids for Christmas.

Thank you all who have donated and continue to donate!

Product Info:
True to size – athletic fit
Super soft, quality blend
Pre-laundered – no shrink

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