Pray With Your Eyes Open Hoodie


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The inspiration behind this design first started as a reoccurring dream. The dream is something I’ll keep somewhat private but what I will share is the coffin within the dream was sent as a warning. A warning to avoid death at all costs, but not to fear it. With everything going on not only in our country, but the whole world, I feel it is important we keep a close eye on what is happening only to be better prepared for what may come.

Through the process of designing this art piece with our artist, I had spoken to another buddy of mine who was part of a church security team. He shared with me that his pastor had told him and his team to “Learn to pray with your eyes open” which really stood out to me and seemed to be perfect timing in order to finalize this design.

So in essence, death is always watching and waiting for his opportunity to take you away but as long as you continue to pray, while maintaining awareness to your surrounding and the potential threats at bay, your chances at survival will increase significantly compared to those that refuse to accept reality for what it is.

Product Info:
Our hoodies are fitted at the bottom and wrists, and fall right on the hips for most people. We picked these hoodies because we found they are perfect for training and often times working out as there is less interference with your belt/pockets or having to adjust or battle with the fabric while moving or to access anything.
If you’re looking for a baggier fit, please size up.
Super soft, quality blend
Pre-laundered – no shrink

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