Rifle and Pistol 1 Class


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**Precise location, liability waiver and class information will be emailed to you after purchase. Every enrollment must be a separate purchase with the class attendees information.**

Educator: Mark Tutt (@tutt_tactical)

This class is geared towards beginner/novice and intermediate level shooters. For the novice or beginner, this is a foundational course that will set you up for success and provide a base for further growth and development. For the intermediate-level, this course will reinforce the fundamental skills of marksmanship and provide a deeper understanding of these critical aspects of shooting.

**Students will need to supply their own ammo, firearms, ear pro and eye pro for the class – approx. 250 rounds per weapon system. Slings and kydex retention holsters highly recommended. Full equipment recommendation list will be sent via email upon registration.

Generalized topics that will be gone over:
– Philosophy of use (when and where each weapon is most applicable – limitations of each)
– Cycle of Function – mechanics and operation
– Loading, clearing, and correcting malfunctions
– Carry/Shooting positions
– Firearm selection, setup, and use of associated gear
– Intro to moving while shooting
– Intro to unconventional shooting positions
– Drills and methods to continue your training beyond this class
– Plus more

Class will run for 8 hours with a break for lunch in the middle (we will be bringing hot dogs and water). 

**Non-refundable within 2 weeks of class date – all items ordered with this class will be brought to the class if within 10 days of the class date & shipping refunded**