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“Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

All men have their struggles but one feeling most men can relate to is being “tired”; whether that be because of your job, family or the current status of the world, we all struggle.

Often times the emotions of men are forgotten or ignored due to the societal image that we are “strong”, but we too feel emotions and sometimes more often than people might think.

As the world continues to spin, seeming to increase in speed, a lot of us just want a moment to breathe and reflect but we don’t always get the opportunity and so we tend to bottle up what we’ve felt.

Now more than ever men must remain present with a clear yet open mind; we must lean on one another in a time of need and remind ourselves we are not alone in a world full of hate and chaos. It is time to take responsibility for yourselves and your brothers, hold one another to a higher standard than what society expects you to be. You are great, you are bold but we’re all tired… keep on marching on brother!


Product Info:
Our hoodies are fitted at the bottom and wrists, and fall right on the hips for most people. We picked these hoodies because we found they are perfect for training and often times working out as there is less interference with your belt/pockets or having to adjust or battle with the fabric while moving or to access anything.
If you’re looking for a baggier fit, please size up.
Super soft, quality blend
Pre-laundered – no shrink

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