At first… there was no reason. It just stood out, I liked the look and went with it. Then after being asked this so much, I wanted to know WHY it stood out to me. I am a firm believer things stand out in your life at different times for different reasons. This was one of those big things.

In multiple different cultures, all throughout history, the Rams Head has been associated with leadership and determination. The Ram symbol is about boldness, new beginnings, new paths, and power.

In one culture the white line drawn down the center of the head symbolizes the border between life and death, linking the meaning of ram to the idea of rebirth and renewal; which is exactly where I was and what I needed when I came across this symbol.

The Ram goes in head first to fight, so the symbolism there is pretty obvious: The Ram urges you to jump into a new venture to find success.


So in summary: The Rams Head is an inspiration for us to leave our comfort zone and face challenges without fearing failure. It is a symbol meant to be a reminder whenever you fear you’ll fail as it will make you realize that defeat is sometimes necessary. Failure is just training for future good things to come.