Operational Industries LLC is a civilian, family owned and community based company that primarily focuses on providing the everyday civilian with the knowledge & equipment necessary to preserve not only our inalienable right to freedom but life in general.

We do this through content on social media, educational courses and community events. One of our main focuses is to share information that is often not shared with those that hold the title of “civilian”. 

We’re working with educators from all over the United States that have different skill levels and backgrounds that could bring value to anyone that shows interest in preparedness, self defense, firearms, medical, communications, navigation and the list goes on.

Operational Industries LLC strives to be a central hub for people to connect, learn, and grow together and on their own, finding a new level of self sufficiency. As we continue to grow we will be finding new ways to offer more in all aspects from products to educational courses to events and so on. 

Welcome to the movement.